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NK Parenting Masterclass: Living in the Digital Age

This series of Masterclass will cover the following:

Session 1 (Nov 12, 2020): Introducing Technology into your Child’s Life

Current best practices for introducing technology into your child’s life, including ways to ensure your child’s experience with technology is positive and purposeful.

Session 2 (Nov 19, 2020): Educational Technology at SISB

Discussing the various ways technology is integrated into our learning environment at SISB in the NK department, including Seesaw, coding/robotics and more.

Session 3 (Nov 26, 2020): Social Media and Child Protection

Exploring the need for child protection in the digital age, and how to ensure your child is protected online. Including a discussion of critical thinking skills and how these relate to learning.

About the speaker

Assistant Principal Benjamin Cantrell (T. Ben), Head of EdTech in Nursery-Kindergarten at SISB Schools, has a Masters Degree in  Education, an ISTE certification and 8 years of experience teaching with technology and integrating it into the classroom. 

T. Ben has worked extensively with platforms including Seesaw, Apple, Google and Adobe. As a Seesaw Ambassador, he sets the school direction with Seesaw. He also coaches teachers on how best to purposefully integrate coding, robotics, digital photography, augmented reality and global collaboration into their teaching practices, and much more.

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