Celebrating World Environment Day - Together

Today is World Environment Day. To celebrate this day, students from different campuses got together to share the initiatives that they have introduced to help save the Earth. It was a warm, cosy session via video-conference.

Thonburi students shared about separating wet waste and dry waste, and giving the wet waste as animal feed. They also shared about switching off 1 air-conditioner when students leave the classroom.

Ekkamai students shared about H2O police, and keeping aside dessert cups for projects as part of recycling.

Pracha Uthit students (right) shared about their donation drive to collect used toys, residential trips where they cleaned beaches, and use of plastic cups. They also shared about switching on just one row of lights when there is bright natural sunlight streaming into the room. Prefects also patrol classrooms to ensure lights are off, and doors are shut to minimise electrical waste.

Technology truly brings us closer and creates the synergy to learn together. We look forward to more collaborations across campuses in the near future!