SISB冬令营 (幼儿园) / SISB Winter Programme (Kindergarten)

2019年1月21日— 2月1日(10天)

21st Jan 2019 to 1st Feb 2019 (10 days)

幼儿园项目 (幼儿园中班和大班, 学生年龄4-6岁) / Kindergarten Programme (For K1 and K2, Ages 4-6 years old)

周一至周五 (7:20-15:30)/ Mon-Fri(7:20-15:30)

学费:23,000泰铢(每周11,500泰铢)/ Fees: 23,000 THB (11,500 THB/week)
校区:Pracha Uthit校区 或 Ekkamai校区 / Venue: Pracha Uthit campus or Ekkamai campus
报名联系 /

报名截止日期: 2018 年 12 月 21日 /  Closing date for registration: 21st December 2018

课程包括 / Programme includes

  • 英文 / English
  • 数学 / Mathematics   
  • 中文 / Chinese
  • 趣味科学 / Fun Science
  • 泰国文化  / Thai culture

*学费包含午餐费和零食费。/ 所有已交费用不可退还和转让。/ 若学生缺课,将不会另外补课。/ 学生不要求穿校服,而学校会免费提供给每个学生两件运动T恤。/ 此次冬令营项目对外开放。/ 课后活动课在14:30以后开始。/ 冬令营期间学生请自购保险(不在学校负责范围内)。

* prices are inclusive of lunch and snacks / all fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable /  there will be no make-up class for students who miss the class / students are not required to put on school uniforms & two PE t-shirts will be provided for free / this programme is open to the general public / after-school activities are available after 14.30 . / SISB is not responsible for insurance coverage. 

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