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Sci-Fi Funfest 2020

Science Fiction is a creative genre where you can allow your imagination to wander beyond its limits. So, in its 2nd Year, the Primary School Gifted and Talented Drama Club and the Drama ECA, presented some very interesting ideas that some people may consider strange, oftentimes weird, and most of the time silly. “Sci-Fi Funfest”, the two-day theatrical event held on the 18th and 19th of November 2020 in the Black Box of Silpapirom Creative Arts & Media Centre, had a very successful run. The Black Box was filled for two afternoons with parents, teachers and students who enjoyed watching the show.

2020 has proven itself to be a page out of a sci-fi novel. A virus pandemic, followed by a worldwide lock down, then total teaching and learning in front of a computer, and like superheroes, we all started to wear masks. The student-monologues and comedy sketches in this drama-fest pushed these situations further by showcasing the first woman on Mars, a restaurant where you order food in capsule form, a professor demonstrating “Thinkspeak 3000” (a gadget that will broadcast your thoughts to everyone) and a sprinkle of alien music, robots and yes, the relationship of cats and quantum physics -- all from the perspective of our young actors and musicians. 

Indeed, the ideas presented in these performances can provide amusement for now. But who really knows what the not-so-distant-future will offer. Enjoy the photos from the show and our sincere thanks to everyone who watched and shared an intimate afternoon with us as we explored how awesome science fiction is.