SISB Primary School Curriculum Framework


SISB Primary School adopts a blended curriculum to support SISB Schools in its Vision and Mission. The blended curriculum allows SISB Primary School to retain the rigor and high quality education of Singapore Education, as well as International content such as Drama, Social Studies, Outdoor Education, Pastoral Care and Career Guidance, to nurture our students to be Global Citizens. 




English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese


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SISB Primary Schools maintains a rigorous and structured curriculum, to guide our students throughout their 6 years of Primary Education. The objective is to lay a strong foundation for SISB students, to prepare them for SISB 6th Form School. Our students are expected to take the International Primary School Leaving Examinations (iPSLE) at the end of Primary 6. This International Examinations is designed by Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), which serves as a benchmark for students taking the Singapore curriculum in the world. 

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1. English Syllabus

2. Maths Syllabus

3. Science Syllabus

4. Chinese Syllabus

5. Thai Syllabus

6. Art Syllabus

7. Music Syllabus

8. Drama Syllabus

9. Social Studies Syllabus

10. Physical Education Syllabus

11. PCCG Syllabus

12. ICT Syllabus