P3-P4 Residential T-shirt Design Finalists and Winners

The winners and finalists of the P3-P4 Residential T-shirt Design Contest were recognised with special certificates recently during the Primary Level Wednesday Assembly. 

Vee of P4 Hope won the Best Design for Primary 4 and Prim of P3 Love won Best Design for Primary 3. Both designs of Vee and Prim will be used as the official T-shirt design for the Primary 3 and 4 Residential Trips. Congratulations to all our students who participated in this contest. All of them did great work!

Photo caption: 

P3-P4 Residential T-shirt Design Winners and Finalists: (Top row, left to right) Khaohom, Jean, Yuko, Lynn, Jern, Hayley, Phu, Vee (winner for P4). (Bottom row, left to right) Proudy, Ivy, Prim (winner for P3), Hong, Thanya, Thank, Paipai, Anna and Joss. Also in the photo are Principal Cecilia, Outdoor Activity HOD Kristin and Art Teacher Lem.