On 18th March, SISB had the opportunity to host one of the most prestigious academic events around the globe, The World Scholar’s Cup. This year's edition saw more than 400 participants from over 20 schools - the most a Bangkok round has ever gotten. The event lasted for two days, the first day being hosted by NIST and the second day hosted by SISB.

World Scholar’s Cup is a competition that spans across the globe, and educates people of all nationalities the importance of coming together, and also enriches them with the knowledge of being all-rounded stars. The competition had four categories, which enabled students to utilise the topics they learnt and their own common sense to come up with solutions to problems and answer questions.

Students had to showcase their debating skills and teamwork in Team Debates, while also on a time limit, and their general knowledge on all acquired subjects in the “Scholar’s Bowl”, and on a written test called the “Scholar’s Challenge”. Students also had to write creative essays based on a certain topic, discussing why they were for or against it, under a category called "Collaborative Writing".

Overall, the World Scholar’s Cup was a fun and enriching experience for everyone who joined, as it not only broadened people’s minds, it made them step out of their comfort zone and make new friends and learn new ideas.