Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
At SISB, it is our vision for our employees and stakeholders to instill rectitude and integrity in everything that we do. Just as we take pride in our education excellence, we also aspire to cultivate an environment that is compassionate and considerate to one another. Thus, SISB’s CSR project is a platform for our community to grow together and give back to society as much as we receive from it.
The SISB CSR - English Language Project
The SISB CSR-English Language Project is a collaboration between SISB, Wat Praram 9 and Praram 9 Kanchanapisek School. This 18-week programme aims to provide English language lessons to students from Praram 9 Kanchanapisek School, from Primary 1 to 6, without Basic English knowledge. In addition, we hope to fundamentally improve the students' reading, speaking and comprehension skills. 

The project was launched on 1 Oct 2016, and was attended by Head of School of SISB, Mr Victor Giam, Ven Phra Rajnyanakavi (Piyasobhon) of Wat Praram 9, and Mr Sayan Prompongphaeo, School Director of Praram 9 Kanchanapisek School. Most importantly, the students from Praram 9 Kanchanapisek School, the beneficiaries of this project, were also in attendance. 

Lessons are held during the weekends from 8.30 am to 12 pm, and SISB teachers are assisted by students who volunteer their time and efforts.

SISB looks forward to making a difference to the lives of others, as we continue to give back to the community.