For Year 11 to Year 13 students, they embarked on an exciting and long-expected journey to Maldives from 25th to 30th January. Together with the students were Teacher Philippe, Fourier, Agnes, Daniel, Pawita (Homeroom Teacher of Years 12 & 13) and Ronneth (Homeroom Teacher of Year 11). It was very heart-warming to see our teachers, parents and students arriving at the airport with so much of anticipation, taking lots of group photos and giving their blessings to one another for the trip. There was great interaction between the teachers and the parents. All the students were excited about the long journey to Maldives. The journey brought them from Bangkok to Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka to Male (capital city of Maldives), and from Male to Maafushi Island. The students crossed over three different time zones within a single day. When they finally arrived at Maldives, they were greeted by the clarity of the water that reflected the colour of the blue sky. They then boarded the speed boat that took them to Maafushi Island; the trip took about an hour. Throughout the journey, the students’ spirit was high and they sang songs and had lots of fun together. That certainly helped some of the students with motion sickness to overcome their condition. Maafushi Island is the first island to develop guest houses that are close to the local inhabitants. Here, our students not only get to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Maldives, they too had the opportunities to mingle with the local students and inhabitants of the island.

On the second day of the trip, they had a great cooking session with the students in Maafushi School in the morning. After lunch, they returned to the school to have a time of sports and games with the local students. Through the games, our students and the local students started to get to know one another better and many started to exchange Facebook accounts. Arrangement was made for our students to demonstrate their artistic talent by helping to paint murals on the walls outside the school. This was supervised by T. Daniel. On the third and fourth day, the students did their part in preserving the environment by helping to plant trees along the beaches and clearing the waste, especially plastic wastes. Of course, they too had their fun moment doing snorkeling, sand bathing along the beaches and fishing. The students have learnt to be more independent being away from home.

Under the guidance of T. Philippe, they have also learnt a lot more of our environment and the importance of preserving what Mother Nature has given to us. At the end of the trip, both students and teachers brought back with them pockets of wonderful memories of this beautiful island and the bonds that they forged with one another during the trip.