The trip for Year 10 students started off very early on Monday at 4:00am. They realised that once they landed at Chiang Mai, they would need a lot of hot beverages to keep them warm as the weather was bitterly cold and wet! In view of the change in temperature, the plans changed and they ended up going straight to the resort instead of the campsite.

The Siberian cold front was forecast for another two days at least! The students and staff were great, they managed to cover activities such as problem solving and safety guidelines for both cooking and rafting in the first afternoon. Tuesday, they awoke to colder weather; still 9 degrees! They had an aerobic dance work out to ensure everyone warmed up, and then it was onto Master Chef! Students were split into groups and told to cook the dishes listed in menus that they had planned the night before. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed being the judges!

After lunch, they visited a local temple and cave. It was the warmest they had been in the two days. Once they arrived back at the resort, they started preparing for Thailand’s got talent and the presentation they would be giving to the school they were to visit. Much hilarity ensued, but by the end of the evening, at 8:00pm, all groups gave a dance and presentation. The students were fantastic and performed brilliantly in the school on the following day. The students raised a whopping 30,000 Baht before the trip and it was used to buy a new water filter and other items for the school. They set off after lunch to the campsite and prepare themselves for rafting. Due to the rain, the river was flowing well and they all wished to go again! That evening they had a campfire and toasted marshmallows and after the event, most of them slept like logs!!

The next day was full of action, they cycled and kayaked. The lake was beautiful and serene and the cycling was an adventure around the lake and through the woods. The last night they headed back to the resort and got hot showers. They had another great bonfire and had a limerick off! All the students created their own limericks and recited them around the fire. On the final day, as it was a beautiful weather, they had a game of ‘capture the flag’ down by the river. This was to ensure that they enjoyed some of the best weather before heading back to the airport and home.