Year 9 students left for Khao Yai on a very cold Monday morning. The students put on more clothes when they arrived at the Thai Elephant Research and Conservation Center where they learnt about Thai Elephants and their current plight in Thailand and Asia.

They embraced the message that they are the future of the Kingdom, hence they have a huge role to play in protecting our environment and also all living things we are sharing this space with. After lunch, they drove through Khao Yai National Park and arrived at the Wild Lodge, where they spent some time warming up themselves in the afternoon.

Over the next five days, the students took up the following challenges: the high ropes Aerial Challenge; cook campsite food; put up tents; navigate using a map and compass; trekked more than 20 kms over 2 days; and, finally built trash receptacles for mountain trail tourists to use. They came back on Friday afternoon. All very tired from an exciting week of personal and social challenges and victories!