15th Singapore Open Gymnastics Championship

Last weekend, Arisa Tanthathoedtham (Fah, Grade 9 Beethoven) and Napasorn Tanthathoedtham (Chompoo, Grade 7 Archimedes) represented the Thailand National team at the 15th Singapore Open Gymnastics Championship 2018 held in Singapore. 

Here are their results.

Arisa Tanthathoedtham (Senior National team)
2nd place: Individual All Around
2 gold medals; 1 silver; 1 bronze

Napasorn Tanthathoedtham (Junior National team)
1st place: Team All Around
1 gold

Thank you Fah, Chompoo, and family, coaches and everyone in the team for bringing glory to Thailand and SISB.

Photo (from left): Fah, CEO of SISB Group, Kelvin Koh, and Chompoo.