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Welcome Party For New Students

Transitioning into a new school midway through the year can be a challenge for students, so the SISB Family makes sure that new students receive a warm welcome! 

On May 2, 2019, the Counseling Department and the Peer Counselors organised a welcome party for all new students joining our Primary School at the Pracha Uthit Campus in Term 3, along with their homeroom buddies. The party marked their first two weeks integrating into our school! 

The students enjoyed playing "Icebreaker Bingo" to get to know one another better, proved their teamwork with a blindfolded Pin-the-Tail game, and were contestants in our very own SISB Gameshow Quiz based on facts about our school! And, of course, it's not a party without some snacks and music!

We had a wonderful afternoon welcoming new members into our family!