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TISAC U9 Boys Futsal Tournament

SISB U9 boys Futsal team participated in TISAC U9 Boys Futsal Tournament today (16 Jan 2019) at Ascot International School. Our team played well and got 2nd place out of 9 schools, losing only in the final against St. Andrews - Sathorn. Special thanks to Teacher Rana (Primary PE Coordinator) who was in charge of this event. Well done, boys!

Names of students involved: Bune (P3F), Mark (P3F), Ni (P3H), Timmy (P3H), Tyme (P3H), Keeno (P3L), Tas (P3L), Ken (P3P), Ck (P4P).

We played 6 games and the results are as follows:
Asoct 1 -  SISB 1 
Dusit 0 - SISB 2 
Trail 0  - SISB 2 
Heathfield 0 - SISB 9

St. Andrews (107) 1 -  SISB 2 

St. Andrew (Sathorn) 2 - SISB 1