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TISAC Senior Badminton Competition 2020

On Wednesday, Jan 29th, 2020, the SISB Senior Badminton Team competed in the 2019/2020 TISAC Senior Badminton Competition at St. Andrew’s International School. 

This team event comprised of Girls Singles, Girls Doubles, Boys Singles, Boys Doubles and Mixed Doubles categories. In total, there were 8 TISAC International Schools competing in the tournament.

This was a truly enjoyable and fun experience for all involved. Moreover, as a result of a superb team performance, SISB School finished the event in 2nd place! 

A special congratulations to Pat (G12 Merlion- Girls Singles), Pao Pao and Phoom (G11 Aristotle- Boys Doubles) and Yang (G10 Picasso- Boys Singles) who finished 1st place in their respective categories. 

Well done to all involved! Dare to reach the highest! 

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