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Tales From The Savannah: A Primary Section Production

"Three Friends, Two Kings, One Adventure"

SISB Pracha Uthit Primary section presents "Tales From The Savannah", a production from the heart by our teachers and students. If you have enjoyed "The Jungle Book", our production last year, then you would not want to miss "Tales From The Savannah". 

Tickets are on sale now until May 5th!

Performance dates: May 10th & 11th , 2019
Tickets go on sale from: 24th April - 5th May 2019

Book your tickets now! 

**All net proceeds from this production will go towards the construction of a therapy pool for the beneficiaries of the Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Special Education Center.


A clumsy meerkat always finds himself in trouble; so much trouble, in fact, that his own clan of meerkats wants him out of their patch of grassland. This makes him feel lonely and unwanted, thinking that he has to find his own place in the Savannah where he can feel accepted for the way he is. As a young meerkat, he has heard wonderful stories of a lion who is wise and kind-hearted. He decides to head for Pride Rock to meet this king. 

Along the way to Pride Rock, he meets a smelly warthog and an innocent lion cub who are both in a similar situation that our hero is in; all of them were ousted from their groups for being different. The three decide to form their own group, a trio of different outcasts who will eventually become the best of friends.

Several years pass, and the trio have grown up enjoying each other’s company in the tropical grasslands. Until one day, they meet someone who recognises the lion as the missing heir of Pride Rock. They soon learn that the animals in Pride Rock are now suffering under the rule of a pretender. Why did their lion friend keep this secret from them for so many years? 

If the lion decides to reclaim his birthright to help the animals in Pride Rock, he has to leave behind his carefree life, in the Savannah, with his two best friends. But, can one lion survive a fight alone against the current king, his uncle, who usurped the throne with the help of a savage gang of fearsome hyenas? This dilemma will test the bonds of friendship between the three companions who now have no choice but to go on a thrilling and dangerous adventure.