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Sixth Form Graduation Ceremony: Turning Uncertainties Into Possibilities

Pearl-white socks that stretched way above the knees; a raging nervousness while passing through the school gates; and a lack of friends. Those were the three “constants” that dominated the thoughts of Julie Lo Smithgul during her early days of life in SISB seven years ago. And yet, as Julie stood smartly, and spoke confidently on the stage of the Sixth Form Graduation ceremony yesterday (June 24), those “constants” of insecurity seemed a lifetime away. 

The Grade 10 Picasso graduate, who represented her level as Valedictorian, spoke of the personal change in her as she progressed through the levels in SISB.  

“Seven years ago, I would never have accepted any sort of big change or revelation. I’d much rather have been ruled by the constants and confines of a too-strict, black-and-white version of success. After all these years, I’ve come to realise that success can come hidden in the cracks and crevices of failures.”

In fact, the celebration of success and achievement, in whatever shape, form or field, was a constant not just during the graduation ceremony but throughout the brand of education that SISB believes in. Besides recognising students who performed well academically, those who excelled in other fields, such as sports, were also awarded certificates and, in the words of Grade 12 Merlion student Jirapat Tosukhowong, for re-defining the meaning of “success”.

“Just as I believe everyone is entailed to their own opinion, everyone also has their own definition of success... Hence, you need to find out what qualities you deem necessary for your own kind of success,” said Jirapat, who was also Valedictorian for Grade 12.

Besides having a clear vision of what success looks like, School Board Chairman Kelvin Koh urged the graduates to see their graduation as the start, and not the finale of the journey. 

Mr Koh said: “What you have achieved today is not, and should not be the limit of your expectations. Instead, you should be looking beyond, going faster, and aiming higher.”

A portrait of success was what our Grade 10 and Grade 12 graduates painted during the ceremony, but besides that, these young, future leaders also exuded confidence, poise and most importantly, the look of “Possibilities”.

Jirapat said: “There isn’t a need to rush, just do everything at your own pace. The world is full of uncertainties, but if you are open-minded, you can turn those uncertainties into possibilities.”