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Together with the parents, we will take SISB to new heights in the education world and our children will be the best they can be.

― Narisa Lertnamwongwan, Principal of Nursery and Kindergarten section

Education: Bachelor of Art in Travel Industry and Hotel Management 
                       Higher Diploma in Mass Communication
                       Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology
                       Teaching Diploma in Montessori
                       Graduation Diploma in Teaching Early and Learning in The Early Years

Teaching Experience : Over 15 Years

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

― Malcom S. Forbes

Education is the most powerful tool in the world. It is a powerful tool which can be used to change the world. Today, with the fast-moving society, and influence of social media, we are looking at a very different future of the world. The future world is a place that our children will be influenced by and contributing to. 

SISB truly believes that providing holistic education in a safe and secure environment will enable our students to succeed and excel in the future world.

My 10-year journey with SISB has seen colossal growth and improvements not only in facilities but also in the excellent education we offer our students. Today, I am very privileged to still be here to try and make a difference in the lives of my students. Working together with parents to provide the right fit for every child has been so rewarding that I hope to see the trust in the school and in me grow exponentially. Parents have given SISB and I their trust in ensuring that their children are safe and are educationally achieving their potential, and I hope this will allow us to move forward as a family.

The Nursery Kindergarten team has come a long way together with one mission, and that is to never stay stagnant. We will explore and embrace the best practices to ensure that we provide the best education for our students. We are sure that together with the parents, we will take SISB to new heights in the education world and our children will be the best they can be.

On behalf of SISB Nursery Kindergarten department, SISB Management and myself, I would like to thank all our parents and potential parents for entrusting your most precious gems to us and we promise to put our heart and soul into ensuring that they receive the best care and education we can provide.

Hand in hand we will step forward into a new year!