BOARDING: A Home Away From Home

Our state-of-the-art Boarding Houses at the Secondary School Campus are equipped to give students the full and unique SISB experience in a truly “home away from home” environment.  

Increasing numbers of parents and students are aware that a Boarding education can offer them the best of both worlds; family at home, and friends at school. Whether enjoying the communal meals each day, joining in social or sporting activities, studying together and exploring beyond our campus, students learn the value of teamwork and companionship that is vital for a well-rounded education. Boarders make friends for life! SISB’s Boarding Mentors and Houseparents will guide and help build independence in all Boarders, by allowing and providing the opportunities for students to learn to take care of themselves, both physically and emotionally, within a challenging, yet supportive and caring environment. The opportunities to mix with students from other cultures and language backgrounds will broaden their social and educational experience and SISB Boarders will be able to make connections with other students and families from neighbouring ASEAN countries, as well as further afield, all of which are vital in an increasingly global society.

The key benefits of boarding at SISB are:

Forming meaningful connections with fellow students – in a globalised world where connections that span nations and cultures are increasingly important, boarding students have the opportunity to develop deep friendships with their peers. These networking skills are vital to success in today’s world. Boarding students often become friends for life.

Accessing a network of highly trained, experienced teachers and adult supervisors – it takes a village to raise a child and our group of teachers and mentors in the SISB community are available at any time to guide and mentor yours. Our team is invested in your child’s personal development and we partner with parents to ensure all students’ experiences are worthwhile and enriching.

Spending quality time with family – time spent with family is quality time, because students have the opportunity to balance their time spent learning, socialising with friends and bonding with family. With increased opportunities to socialise in meaningful, fulfilling ways, family time is not taken for granted.

Learning self-reliance – self-reliant children are independent, capable and confident. They learn the value of embarking on their own and facing challenges separately from their parents knowing that the comfort of family is not far away.

Utilising facilities to develop potential – give your child the ability to develop his/her skills in any field of interest. Allow him/her to explore extracurricular activities in-depth, practise a favourite sport more often, and excel in enrichment activities, all with the campus facilities at the doorstep.