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Overseas Educational Programme - Vietnam (Grade 8) Day # 6

We made our way from the coastal town of Phan Tiet back to Ho Chi Minh City. Much of the day consisted of travelling through the beautiful scenery and enjoying the views of Southern Vietnam. 

We enjoyed a buffet lunch before experiencing all the sights and smells of the famous Ben Thanh market in the city centre. The students had tons of fun sifting through all the textiles, trinkets, and souvenirs there. 

We then took a short stroll through the city plaza to a more upmarket shopping centre. A Western-style dinner of pizza and pasta was very much appreciated by all before returning to our hotel for a recap and reflection of our trip. 

Dr. Ong, our teachers, and our students were able to share their thoughts and experiences of the trip which proved an excellent way to spend our last evening together. 

We are off to the Mekong River Delta tomorrow before flying back to Thailand and our friends and family! 

Photos assisted by Daryl (Grade 8 S)

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